Annur mosque in Niigata

Annur Niigata

Who are our supporters?

    Indeed Allah , subhanaho wa taa'la, is our fully supporter, guidance to this humble work. we believe that Allah Subhanaho wa taa'la guided us and other beloved brothers in Islam as  tools for establishing his house in Niigata. to This end, It was a must to mention those authorities, Only Allah can reward them for there efforts.

                1-     Almadani Mosque, Niigata Islamic center, Tarodai, Niigata

                2-     MSAJ (Muslim Student association Japan )

                3-     ESAJ (Egyptian Student Association Japan )

                4-     Islamic circle Japan

                                    A – Bab ul Islam Mosque, Oyama city, Tochigi.

                                    B- Qubaa Mosque, Tatebayashi city, Gunma.

                                    C- Hira Mosque, Ichikawa city, Chiba .

                  5- Toyama Mosque, Toyama

                  6- Nagoya Mosque, Aichi

                  7- Kobe Mosque, Hyogo

                  8- Bilal Mosque Ueda city, Nagano

                  9- Ebina Mosque, Kanagawa

                  10-Nagoya Port Masjid, Aichi

                  11-Yokohama mosque, Kanagawa

                  12- Isasaki mosque, Gunma

                  13- Yashio mosque, Saitama

                  14- Islamic Cultural Center Sendai (ICCS), Miyagi

                  15-Masjid Hasanath [Toyota Mosque], Aichi

                  16- Otsuka mosque, Tokyo

                  17- Bab al-islam Gifu Masjid, Gifu

                  18-Tokorozawa mosque, Saitama

                  19-Tsukuba Masjid, Ibaraki

                  20-Toda Mosque, Saitama

                  21-Makky Masjid, Tokyo

                  22-Masjid Bait-ul Aman [Gamo Mosque], Saitama

                  23-Fuji Masjid, Shizoka

                  24-Tokushima Masjid

                  25- Annur mosque, Fukoka

                  26- Iwai Al Mustafa, Ibaraki

                  27- Okayama mosque, Okayama

                  28- Hamamatsu mosque, Shizoka

     There is no words  to express our thanks to all businessmen mainly Pakistanis allover Japan who shared in this Nobel project, Annur Mosque Niigata. We are sure that Allah will compensate all Muslim brother and sister who shared in Annur Mosque Niigata in ALDUNIA before ALAKHERA in shaa allah.